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Quizlet is a popular education technology platform for students and teachers. More than one-in-four US high school students use Quizlet daily. During my time I released our first in-classroom tool, Quizlet Live, as well as redesigned Quizlet's brand and visual language.


Education Technology


Product Designer

A New Visual Era

As part of an 8-month design effort, I introduced a new visual design language for Quizlet — including a new visual design for responsive web, iOS, and Android. Additionally, I helped introduce a new brand identity and designed a new marketing site.

Bringing Quizlet Into the Classroom

I designed Quizlet Live, our first in-classroom educational tool. Quizlet Live was launched in the Spring of 2016. After becoming available, it brought in millions of new students and teacher who would not otherwise be on the platform.

Built upon the foundation of our study set and rich library of content, Quizlet Live’s gameplay focused on a high-spirited, team-based competition that teaches both hard vocabulary skills and soft communication skills. For teachers, we focused on a low-friction, device-agnostic setup that helped teachers engage a class full of students while better understanding what material needs additional reinforcement.

Try a demo for yourself, or see how it’s being used in classrooms today.