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Currently, I'm the head of design, brand, and user research for Hologram — a cellular platform for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
Activating cellular service across a fleet of hundreds of thousands of devices — from GPS trackers, to connected cameras, to electric scooters — usually involves a year-long rate plan negotiations with a single cellular carrier. Hologram's CIoT platform helps anyone get devices connected in less than a week in 196 countries around the world. We provide a visually beautiful dashboard that makes managing deployments a breeze. Everything from our data plans to our activation flow is designed to make the process as seamless as possible.

Cellular Telecommunications


Vice President of Design

Most platforms inundate users with cluttered interfaces and complex industry jargon. Hologram's dashboard removes UI and processes as a feature. Our tight user research, design, and engineering processes ensure customers have a seamless experience — from data plans, onboarding, to scaling and troubleshooting.

Hologram is a design-first, globally native cellular platform. We spend as much design effort on education collateral, progressive design elements, and just-in-time training as we do designing the software itself.