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Flexport is a freight forwarder, non-vessel operating common carrier, and customs house broker headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Flexport provides visibility, transparency, and consistency that powers the international supply chains of your favorite brands.

I joined Flexport as their third member of the design team and second product designer. Later, I stepped up to start and lead Flexport’s research arm, evangelizing design research throughout the company’s 9 global offices.

Designing for Global Use

Working with teams across three continents, I designed advanced shipment management platforms for ocean, air, and ground freight. Additionally, I designed compliance and workflow management tools for partner and shipment exception handling.

As the design research lead, I wrote Flexport’s internal user research system. I mentored product designers, product managers, and business liaisons on conducting research within our empirical standards. Additionally, I designed and implemented a company-wide system for managing user research participants across all 56 personas.


Global Logistics


User Experience Research Lead