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hi hi hi

It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m Quintin Carlson. Q for short.

Currently —

Right now, I am the Head of Design for Hologram — your favorite cellular IoT platform. Also leading design, brand, and research for our open-source supernetwork protocol, Magic.

Previously —

I was a product designer and led user research for Flexport — helping build complex platforms to manage global freight logistics. I bet that there’s at least something in your arms reach that was shipped to you by Flexport.

Prior —

I’ve worked as a product designer for ed-tech giant Quizlet, upstart cloud publishing company Inkling, and the big, green, note-taking elephant known as Evernote. I’ve also helped out at a number of small, usually YC-backed startups.

Education —

Earlier, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Decision Science.

Elsewhere —

Honestly, I’m always in an airport. Even when I’m not physically, I’m aways emotionally in an airport. You can catch me in the first row or two on your next flight or in at the Admirals Club during my layover.

Otherwise, find me on the dumpster fire that is Twitter, the all-too-perfect Instagram, or throwing weird thoughts at the wall on my blog.